Overview of Medication Compounding

A Brief History of Medication Compounding

Before mass-marked medications become the norm, medication compounding was how most pharmacies handled filling prescriptions. This involved meticulous attention to detail in order to get the dosage and dosage form correct, meaning that each prescription was a more tailored experience for the patient. Back then, pharmacists took extra time and care to ensure that the medication their customers were requesting fit their needs. While medication and its effectiveness have both come along way since the days medication compounding went the way of the buffalo, the practice still remains one of the prime examples of pharmacists’ dedication to their clients. Global Pharmacy is proud to continue this time-honored tradition.


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What is Medication Compounding?

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, medication compounding was the rule rather than the exception before mass manufacturing of pharmaceuticals took over. But before we go further into why medication compounding is often a better choice for most patients, let’s discuss what medication compounding is. Medication compounding is personalized medicine, meaning that the drug(s) is/are are prepared and packaged just for you, rather than a blanket dosage dictated by the drugs’ manufacturers. This involves the pharmacists preparing and mixing specific ingredients together to create a personalized medication — just for you.

The process involves a prescription from your doctor (just as as you’d expect for more mass-produced medications) that details which ingredients to compile into your personalized medication. This comes at the doctor’s behest; each of the pharmacists at Global Pharmacy are well-suited and experienced to follow and compile the doctor’s ‘script to give you the specific medication you need to live a better, healthier life.



Why Choose Medication Compounding?

As time moves on and researchers and doctors learn more about our bodies intricacies and how they are affected by different illnesses, the need for personalized medicine continues to grow. Consider this: if you have multiple conditions for which you’re taking medication, doesn’t it make sense to seek dosages that are made specifically for you and your unique situation? While mass-produced pharmaceuticals have done wonders to treat or mitigate some of the most common ailments and conditions, there still exists the need for more personalized medicine. If you’re battling multiple conditions and taking multiple medications to treat each condition, there’s likely to be some overlapping side effects or new discomforts, or conditions brought about by the cocktail of medications. When you choose medication compounding, these unintended side effects brought about by blanket, one-size-fits all medications are less likely to negatively impact your quality of life; if your current prescription dosage is too high, you’re likely to experience more side effects. But if your body only requires, say, three milligrams and with some of the ingredients’ levels adjusted to better suit your condition(s), then medication compounding has the ability to do just that. And each member of the team here at Global Pharmacy knows just how to get your compounded medication right.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Medication Compounding

There’s little downside to medication compounding, but hurdles do exist. First, few pharmacies offer this service (which is one of the many reasons Global Pharmacy is proud to offer it), making it somewhat difficult to get your prescription filled even if your doctor has written a detailed description of how your medication should be compiled. Moreover, having compounded medication can be difficult to obtain if you find you run out of it on vacation or a trip outside of Kent. However, when you choose Global Pharmacy, we can assist with getting your medication filled before you head out of town. It couldn’t be easier; simply fill out the information on our medication refill page and we’ll have your medication ready in no time.

Though these few hurdles exist, the advantages overwhelmingly outweigh the negatives surrounding medication compounding. As we mentioned, medication compounding means that you’re getting medication that is created and dosed specifically for you, giving you the most-tailored prescription possible. This means that your medication features custom strengths, dosages, and can make taking a mass-marketed prescription drug that’s been tweaked to your body’s needs much more easily digestible, or with limited side effects. In short, you’re receiving a prescription that no one else in the world is taking, aimed at fighting your body’s ailments.


Right For All Ages

No matter under which demographic you fall, medication compounding is suitable for everyone. With personalized medicine, children and older adults can greatly benefit from tailor-made medication, as the dosages can be tweaked to fit address a variety of conditions. With some mass marketed medications, the negative side effects can outweigh the benefits the same medication is supposed to bring about. If a child is experiencing nausea from a pain medication, the dosage of that medication may be adjusted to still treat the pain, but still lessen the severity of the nausea-inducing side effects. Similarly, if an older patient is taking a prescription aimed at treating high blood pressure but is negatively impacted with overwhelming side effects, the doctor can then adjust the prescription, and Global Pharmacy can fill it.


Plan Your Medication Compounding Today

If you’re currently taking medication or you and your doctor have spoken about beginning a medication, we encourage you to consider medication compounding if you and your doctor decide it’s right for you. Curious about more details about the medication compounding services Global Pharmacy offers, or do you have any questions or concerns about your current or forthcoming medication? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.