Just What is Medication Compounding?

It might sound like a strange phrase, or it might lead you to believe it involves the coupling of two or more prescription medications, but the concept is a little more involved than that. While we’ve covered the ins and outs of medication compounding in a previous blog, let’s take a moment to recap what medication compounding is. Medication compounding is similar to personalized medication, as it’s a unique-to-you combination of doctor-prescribed ingredients that make up a medication designed especially for you. The practice is the antithesis of mass-produced medication that has become the norm across the States and much of the Western world. Global Pharmacy is proud to offer this time-honored tradition of pharmacists creating patient-specific medications at their doctor’s behest. Curious about the three main benefits of medication compounding and how it may be right for you? Take a peek below to learn more.


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Reason Number Three: Doctor-Patient Communication

If you’re asking yourself what in the world this means, let us explain. Many patients who are on medication receive prescriptions for mass-produced medication from their doctors to address or treat their medical condition(s). While these medications work wonders to treat patient’s conditions, these same medications often come in dosages that are not ideal for the patient. Whether this means the side effects are too strong, the dose too weak, or a cocktail of issues with one or more of the medications arises, mass-produced medications are far from patient-specific. Often, if you express these concerns with your doctor, s/he can then write you a prescription for a more personalized dose. The professionals at Global Pharmacy then compile and prepare your specific medication. What’s better than peace of mind brought about by knowing your doctor has a specific plan for your condition?


Reason Number Two: Regularity

While this word may often be associated with some constipation medications, we’re talking about regularity and consistency of having your medication available. Again, mass-produced medications have aided us well in treating certain conditions, relying on these medications can be a nightmare if the pharmaceutical company goes out of business. And, let’s not forget, that pharmaceutical companies are sometimes more concerned with their bottom line than continuing production of a medication that isn’t selling well. When this becomes the case, medication compounding becomes the last line of defense against patients’ conditions. If your mass-produced medication ceases production, there’s a good chance the pharmacists at Global Pharmacy can recreate your medication with ingredients on-hand.


Reason Number One: Personalization

We may be years or even decades away from intimately personalized medication, but medication compounding is the closest form of personalized medication available today. When you and your doctor choose medication compounding, you’re choosing a form of medication that is designed uniquely for you, meaning that you can be sure that the medication you receive is specially tailored to treat your condition(s) in a way no mass-produced medication can. Moreover, should you experience any complications with your meds, you can express these concerns with your doctor. Then, s/he can adjust the medication’s dose or ingredients as part of a better treatment plan. This allows you to receive treatment without potentially experiencing the negative side effects that often accompany many of the mass-marketed medications out there. If you feel that medication compounding may be right for you, or you have questions about how medication compounding can address your unique condition, we implore you to speak with your doctor to learn more about this process. Similarly, if you have any questions about the medication compounding services offered by Global Pharmacy, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to learn more.