Compounding Meds

Compounding is the way all medicines were made until mass manufacturing of prescription drugs began. Most pharmacies dispense these pre-made, manufactured medicines. But for patients who can’t take certain drugs because they’re allergic to some ingredients, the dosage or dosage form isn’t right for them, or the drugs aren’t available, their prescribers turn to Global Pharmacy for custom pharmacy compounding, meaning their medications that are made just for them.


Compounding Pet Meds

The same applies to pets! For animals that can’t take certain drugs because they’re allergic to an ingredient, or the flavor is bitter, or the pill is too big, or they’re too sick to swallow, veterinarians and their clients turn to us to make the exact medicine each patient needs — and this includes pet medication!

Every person at Global Pharmacy is dedicated to help you and your pet have the best experience possible when it comes to taking medicines.

Please call (253) 236-7887 or reach out to us via our email form for more information on getting your or your pet’s prescriptions customized and personalized to fit your needs!


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